Central Heating Installations & Repair

Whether you are considering a full system upgrade, radiator replacement or repairing your existing system, we have comprehensive knowledge of all types of domestic heating.

We offer bespoke central heating installations to suit each clients demands and requirements. Older central heating systems not only can be inefficient but cost more money to run, whether its due to poor installation, dirt build up or out of date controls there can be many reasons why a new full system update could be for you.

We work with our customers to manage their demands, from the initial meet to calculating the heat outputs required to heat your home efficiently and advise on what boiler would be most suited for your hot water demands and expectations.

Your existing heating system can be assessed to see what works need to be carried out to bring the system up to date, whether that may be due to incorrect components, controls or missing thermostatic radiator valves. As part of our service we carry out a magnetic power flush on all existing systems in accordance with the manufactures instructions, to ensure full system cleanliness has been achieved before the commissioning of any new appliance.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating provides radiant floor heat around the room, making spaces more comfortable as well as being energy efficient. Its a modern and high spec feature that allows you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors through those colder months.

It can be the most efficient way of heating a room as heat rises slowly and equally around the whole area, whilst traditional radiators generate a more isolated heat source. It also removes the need for sometimes bulky/unsightly radiators, whilst creating a minimal feel to any space. It is a flexible heating option that can be installed in a new room or retro fitted into existing areas throughout your home.

We deliver an efficient design service from initial advice, what underfloor options are compatible with your existing heating system to a hassle free installation.

If you would like to arrange an onsite survey, discuss a new proposed underfloor installation, or have any general enquires please get in touch today on 01273 380 938 or email us at info@fluidgasservices.co.uk

Power Flushing

Central Heating Cleaning

Power flushing is an ideal cleaning solution for central heating systems that are in a dirty ‘sludged’ up condition, the procedure removes all suspended dirt and iron oxide which drastically affects system performance and efficiency.

The process involves a machine that uses magnetic filtration to clean throughout the entire system. Different methods are used depending on whether the client has a vented or unvented system which will be explained and discussed before the work takes place.

Often even if there is no evidence of dirt build up or flow issues, we recommend the service prior to the installation of any new boiler. This ensures removal of any dirt, flux or debris that is left behind, and also prevents any future problems with your new appliance. Once full system cleanliness has been achieved and chemically tested, certification is issued, tested and backed by Adey.

We also include a permanently fitted magna clean filter to ensure system filtration is maintained, which is installed onto the primary return pipe work.


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