Boiler Installation, Service & Repair

Fluid gas services pride ourselves on our reliable personable reputation, and on going relationships with our customers. The company delivers bespoke heating services that are cost comparable and environmentally efficient, our engineers are highly experienced in all types of boiler, gas & central heating works.

Condensing Appliances

All new boilers are now condensing which enables them to be very efficient, a process which involves the reheating of flue gases and wasted energy. Which in turn creates the need for condensate products to be removed from the appliance via small discharge pipework, which terminates as per the manufacturers instructions to the closest drain.

Combination Boilers

These appliances are renowned for being the most efficient as they heat water as required. Meeting hot water and heating demands without the need for large storage tanks or hot water cylinders – ideal space saving units. Typically installed in flats and small houses with lesser hot water demands.

The main disadvantage being lesser hot water flow rates, as they work directly off the one cold water main and have no immersion or stored water supplies as a back up in an emergency.

Manufacturers have now adapted original combination appliances to cater for larger dwellings with multiple demands with built in preheated hot water storage – “storage combi’s.”

System Boilers

A system boiler provides a heat only demand which indirectly feeds a hot water cylinder and heating system through an array of controls. Predominately installed along side unvented storage hot water cylinders as a sealed pressurised arrangement. They remove the need to have cold water feed tanks in the loft space, as well as having the systems pump and expansion vessel integral to the boiler.

They boast the ability to supply both water and heating demands simultaneously through independent control valves, as well as have the extra option of an immersion heater to electrically heat stored water in the event of a boiler breakdown.

System boilers are therefore suited for larger properties with large multiple demands.

Conventional (Heat Only) Boilers

Conventional heat only boilers are similar to system type’s, in the way they supply a hot water cylinder indirectly as well as the central heating system. These units rely on storage tanks normally situated in loft spaces, to supply this type of traditional system as well as a circulation pump and zone valves being the main controls.

This system arrangement tend to take up the most space in the home, and are generally suited to larger properties. Their main advantage over a combination boiler is having stored hot & cold water supplies via tanks, if there was ever an issue with the incoming water main supply to the property.

Why Choose Fluid Gas Services?

  • Personable consultation with client, taking the time to ensure your new appliance is appropriate and that all system needs are met.
  • 10 years manufacturers parts and labour warranty on all new Vaillant boilers fitted by us.
  • Free first years annual service inclusive of the price.
  • Full magnetic power flush carried out on every installation, chemically tested and certificate issued on completion.
  • Gas safety check and certificate issued on completion.
  • Magnetic filter and lime fighter filters installed, to prolong the lifespan on all new boilers.
  • Finance options available to keep you within your budget.
  • Affordable service and system cover plans.

Boiler Servicing, Breakdowns And Repair:

For efficiency and ultimately for your safety your boiler should be serviced annually, the lifespan of your appliance can be greatly increased and maintained by our essential servicing practices. Our engineers have extensive and pro-efficient diagnostic experience, to quickly identify and fix almost any problem.

At fluid gas services our main aim is customer satisfaction, and to meet their personal requirements. With communication being the key, from the first initial phone call to keeping our customers informed throughout all works – leaving your property clean and tidy throughout.

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