Bathroom Suites

Fitted Bathrooms

Bathrooms are more than just a simple functional room, they should be a private place for you to relax in elegant and stylish surroundings. We aim to remove the complexity, promote transparency and increase understanding as well as offering options for all our clients depending on their budget and objectives.

We understand just how hard it can be to get started with any home improvement projects, thats why we are here to understand what your requirements and needs are by working together to get the desired result and finish.

We offer an expert design and installation service, that gives you complete control and peace of mind. We’ll ensure everything runs smoothly from design and planning right through to installation completion, our dedicated team work with our clients taking the extra time and care to make sure every little detail is finished to the highest standard. Whilst all works are guaranteed and full public liability insurance is maintained.

Before purchasing that dream shower, we recommend seeking our professional opinion and advice to ensure all new fittings and fixtures are fully compatible with your existing boiler/system type.

Kitchen & General Plumbing

The kitchen is often the heart of any home, whether you need a full sink replacement to a set of taps or require a new machine to be plumbed in, we cover all aspects of general plumbing works however big or small.

  • Hobs & Ovens
  • Sink Replacements
  • Tap Replacements
  • Washing & Dishwasher Plumbing – Installation
  • Waste Macerators
  • All Aspects of Pipework

Water Softening Installations

The Hard Facts

Your water supply contains hardness dissolved from rock in your area. Rainwater is naturally soft, however it absorbs substances underground which turn it into hard water. Our area is over 200ppm, building regulations state that where water hardness exceeds 180ppm water should be treated to prevent limescale from reducing heating efficiency.

Limescale damages and reduces the life span of all appliances, the scale blocks pipes and clogs up boilers increasing gas bills as well as the obvious physical damage to shower screens, chrome surfaces, taps, baths and valves. It clings to hair and worsens dry skin conditions.

Hot Water Cylinders

Often hot water cylinders need to be replaced for a number of reasons. It could be due to age resulting in them leaking, less energy efficient or just quite simply not to the current standards.

Fluid Gas Services can help you with all types of hot water cylinders, installation, service and repair.

Vented Cylinders:

The most commonly used cylinders are of open vented type, which are gravity fed from storage tanks, normally situated in the loft space then distributed throughout the property. These are often installed alongside conventional heat only boilers, in a y-plan controlled arrangement.

Unvented Cylinders:

Pressurised hot water cylinders boast high hot water flow rates, delivered at mains pressure. They remove the need to have additional supply tanks in the loft space as they are fed directly from the incoming water supply, as well as offering fully balanced hot and cold water supplies throughout the whole property. Often installed alongside system type boilers in an s-plan arrangement, designed for larger properties with multiple demands working simultaneously.

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